Frank Mr SCCL 2015 Miss Renie
Frank, Mr. SCCLA 2014 Miss Renie







About: Frank, Mr. Santa Clara County Leather 2014

Active primarily in the South, Frank (Fetlife: AlphaDaddy), Mr. Santa Clara County Leather 2014, identifies as a Top who enjoys serving the kink and leather communities at large. He is passionate about education and welcoming curious new comers into the scene. Frank can happily say he has brought new people into the kink community and titillated dozens more through his open and bold discussions with the kink curious. Although he enjoys a myriad of kinky activities, two of his favorites are D/s and over-the-knee spanking (this is subject to change). When not working or playing, Frank is busy with hobbies that include sewing, kinky leather working, volunteering in the community, and home improvement (not usually by choice). Frank was pinned into Mama’s Family as “Mama’s Daddy Sunshine”. Once you get to know Frank, you will understand how appropriate that name is. You can find out more about Frank and the Santa Clara County Leather Association
at www.MrSCCL2014.com.

About: Miss Renie

Miss Renie aka Magnoliah Black is a Bay Area writer, model and performance artist who blends modern movement and words with neoburlesque to create socially conscious art pieces that add voice to marginalized communities and to celebrate the human body. She is a published author and public speaker highlighting the intersections of fat, feminism, kink, spirituality and human sexuality. She is a proud member of the Santa Clara County Leather Association and an Associate Producer for the country's longest running queer burlesque and cabaret show Red Hots Burlesque. Check her out this year at Venus Playground with Cuntrastrophe and find her on FetLife as Miss Renie.


The In’s and Out’s of Anal Pleasure

By: Frank, Mr. SCCL 2014

This is the class for the anal curious of any gender and any orientation. Let’s discuss what’s going on down there in plain terms using open discussion. Subjects will include toys, plugs, dildos, beads, vibrators, harnesses and of course, About-cock. We’ll explore techniques for partnering as well as solo pleasure. What’s safe? What’s healthy? What’s the best lube? What can go wrong, and how do I fix it? We’ll discuss it all. While anal pleasure isn’t for everyone this class may open your mind and prepare you for new possibilities. Do you have a favorite toy? Bring it and tell us about it. We’re bringing ours.


Being Daddy

By: Frank, Mr. SCCL 2014 and Miss Renie

Being a Daddy is so much more than a just a bandana in your pocket and being a Daddy not easy. Being a good Daddy is even harder when you don’t even know you are a Daddy. In this light hearted, fun discussion we will go back eight years in time to when Frank met the lovely Miss Renie at a dungeon and they had no idea what to call their blossoming relationship. Miss Renie brought the Daddy in Frank out into the light. We’ll talk about what a Daddy is, and what Daddy is not. Are Daddies trained, made or born into their role? In this rare glimpse into the personal relationship between Miss Renie and Frank, we will talk about Daddy posers, about lessons learned, experiences gained, and how it is all applicable to you. While we use the term “Daddy” this is equally applicable to Mommies as well. 



Boss bondage

About: Boss Bondage

Boss Bondage has been involved in the BDSM community for the last 18 years. He is the founder and president of The West Coast Assholes, an edge players advocacy group that focuses on edge-ucation within the community. For 5 years Boss operated his own professional dungeon, The Asylum. Born from his love of bondage rope, he started BossBondage.com in 2002 where he produces his own line of hemp, jute and bamboo rope. Boss has been a body piercer since 1995 and currently operates PlayPiercingKits.com which sells play piercing kits and medical kink accessories. Playing with Boss has been described as “like getting a massage from a serial killer.” Boss makes his living full time as a BDSM educator and has taught at countless events throughout America as well as Canada and Europe. Boss has recorded videos for kink.com which can be found at kinkuniversity.com.


Mean Prick Play Piercing

By Boss Bondage

You may do some play piercing; maybe you have done it dozens of times. Have you wondered where else you can take it or how deep you can insert a needle? Are there still some areas you have yet to pierce? Have you wanted to put a needle into someone just to see how much blood comes out? If you answered yes to any of these, then this class is for you. This class is about being and giving a mean prick. Boss will cover deep insertion, piercing those out of the way places, and piercing just for the sake of being mean. As a body piercer since 1995, Boss spent many years working as a full time professional piercer and still keeps his license current. This class will cover many techniques he has learned from body piercing. Together you will cover set up and sterilization, cleanliness, and cross contamination. There will be plenty of hands on opportunity. All materials needed for this class are being provided by his website playpiercingkits.com


Hands on fear Play

By: Boss Bondage

They say it's better to be respected than feared. Why can't we have both? Fear play is a dangerous and exciting game that can be fraught with peril and filled with creativity and evil genius. Yet, fear play is so often done with so many gizmo's and gadgets that it is not clear whether it is you or the thing that is really feared. To be truly feared for what you can do with your hands and mind is intoxicating. To know that someone is trembling in fear at what lays in wait for them and that it is you they fear can be truly powerful. Together in this class we will deconstruct what fear, learn how to incite it and how to keep it going, and how to deal with the physical and mental effects it has on both the top and bottom. To be sure, Boss will have some evil tricks up his sleeve. There will be scary moments.... and ladies and gentlemen, there will be tears. 



Bydarra 1

About: Bydarra

Bydarra, aka Bob, is a journeyman of life. He entered the scene in 2003 and began teaching classes locally in 2006 beginning with his first love, rope. His classes have since kept pace with his developing taste for edgier play, relationship issues, and how all of this happens inside our brains. Bydarra’s thirst for knowledge and experience; his desire to share them, and his analytical nature are an integral part of his life. In 2012, Bydarra began traveling the world to learn about alternative sexuality in other cultures. He has presented or attended gatherings all over North America as well as hosting Torture in Texas and other events closer to his home in Texas.


Consent & Entitlement

By: Bydarra

These are integral parts of BDSM which generate much controversy. Consent speaks to the self-determination of those who relinquish their power, however temporarily, to another. Entitlement addresses the heart of power exchange. In this discussion, we'll look at the yin and yang of BDSM. Trigger warning.


Edge Play

By: Bydarra

The term edge play covers a lot of territory in which many of us tend to spend time exploring. Some edge play is easily identified. Other edge play is unique to the individual. How we identify it, negotiate it, and engage in it can be a difficult process for all parties. This facilitated discussion will provide a foundation for people who are just beginning to test these waters and a forum for those more experienced to share what they've learned.  




About: Dmitri E. Ville

Dmitri E. Ville is a is a 53 year old bisexual, polyamorous Dominant from Rohnert Park, California. He entered the leather lifestyle in 1995. Once a designer and maker of BDSM leather products and owner of E-Ville Designs, he is semi-retired from toy-making but continues to teach by request. A member of the Society of Janus, Dmitri is a fun loving, sensitive and sensual sadist with a firm but caring hand of guidance who enjoys intense play that often incorporates floggers and single tails. He is the winner of the short whip competition held at the October 2000 Malicious Masquerade in Chicago, IL. In 2005, Dmitri proposed the idea of a northern California feeder contest to the International Master/slave Contest. He was honored to co-emcee the first Northwest Master/slave Contest hosted by smOdyssey, inc. in 2006. For those who enjoy the mystique of vampires, ask Dmitri to smile for you. Yes, he bites! \{v^^^^v}/


Kiss of the Vampire; the Art of Erotic Biting.

By: Dmitri E. Ville

Biting is something that anyone can do. But doing so without breaking the skin or leaving marks and making it a sensual experience is a practiced art.

Come and learn pointers from a Vampire. Dmitri has been sinking his fangs into the flesh of willing victims since 1996 and has made biting a sensual art form. Get pointers on the most effective places to bite and how to do it just right. If you want Vampire like Fangs he will also have information on his personal fang maker whom he considers to be the best fang maker from whom to get them. 




About: Eagleiiis (Eagle-Eyes) Bio:

Eagleiiis (Eagle Eyes), with his submissive wife kate, has presented on singletails and flogging from Sacramento to Bakersfield. For nearly a decade, he has been co-leader of the Stockton Munch, well regarded for its educational format that has been replicated by munch groups elsewhere. Eagleiiis believes in giving back to his community and does so via his leadership, mentoring of Doms and subs, and guiding newbies in their journey of self-discovery. Eagleiiis’ singletail style is based upon that of his friend, teacher and mentor, Roger Stevens, though he has developed his own unique style of instruction that employs a hands-on approach.

About: kate

kate has been collared to Eagleiiis for 14 years and has co-hosted the Stockton munch with him for nearly a decade. As with many things in the lifestyle, kate has learned the things that scared her most, often became among the most pleasurable. It is the skill and insight she learned in facing and overcoming those fears that she now brings to workshops with Eagleiiis. Kate recognizes, and hopes to teach other submissives that a successful whip scene can depend not only on the skill of the Dom, but on the skills of the bottom as well.


Flogging Workshop 101

By: Eagleiiis and kate

A flogger is a staple in many a toy bag. The objective of this workshop is to provide attendees with a basic grasp of flogging so that they are able to use floggers accurately, effectively, safely, and to provide a positive experience for both Top and bottom. Knowing the basics, mechanics, physics and effective use of a flogger can add depth and purpose to your scene. Instructors will examine the various types, shapes and sizes of floggers along with the variety of differing ways to use them. This is a hands-on workshop. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own floggers for practice and special assistance from the instructors.


Singletails….from Both Ends of the Whip

By: Eagleiiis and kate

This workshop for both Tops and bottoms. Eagleiiis will teach basic throwing techniques, whip safety and hygiene, the importance of reading the bottom, and the use of preparatory strikes to set up the big hits, and the development of finesse. Kate will offer bottoms tips and techniques for receiving the singletail and getting into the zone, and how to help your Dom throughout the scene. This is a hands-on workshop. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own singletails and will have the opportunity to work with Eagleiiis and kate to address their specific needs.  



MasterHines 1

About: Master Hines

Master Hines formally joined the BDSM community in 1992 in Atlanta Georgia and moved to the bay area in 2003. Core to Master Hines’ BDSM philosophy is spirituality through power exchange. His technique and approach to SM puts heavy emphasis on the spiritual connection between Top and bottom. Master Hines has presented demonstrations, classes and private workshops throughout the Southeast since 1997 and in the Bay Area since 2000 when he was first invited to the Bay Area to present for Folsom Street Fair weekend. He is well respected for his flair and artistry with floggers and has given classes on many topics including Flogging, Spirituality and SM, Erotic Knife Play, Resistance Play, The SM of Hands, and Sensuous Caning. Master Hines is also an accomplished artist specializing contemporary painting. You can visit his web site at www.theartisthines.com


10 Techniques To Enhance Spirituality and Connection In Your Scene

By: Master Hines

How do we make a greater connection between top and bottom in a scene? This is by far one of my most important and dynamic SM presentations. It focuses upon the core issue of the psycho/spiritual connection between the top and bottom in the scene. Through lecture and demonstrations this class will cover 10 important techniques that you can use in any scene to enhance spiritual energy and gain greater connection. Whether your scenes are sensory, sexual or sadistic, whether you are a Top or a bottom this workshop will teach you what you need to know in order to transcend an ordinary scene into one that produces true energy exchange and connection. Note: The reference to spirituality is solely meant metaphysically. Religion or religious philosophies are not a part of the presentation.


The Art of Flogging

By: Master Hines

In the right hands Floggers are capable of producing soft sensuous sensations as well as powerfully painful impacts. This class will explore the sensuous fun and sadistic power behind Flogging with scenes that will demonstrate different techniques, styles (including double flogging) and approaches to flogging. Various practice techniques will also help beginners as well as advanced Tops, develop and improve their own style of Flogging With flare and rhythmic movements learn how to transform the energy of a scene into something incredibly mesmerizing, cathartic and spiritual. 



About: Kalisti

Kalisti is a femme Leather Woman Hailing from Kansas. She has been in the community for many years, and enjoys sharing her unique perspective of Leather and the community. Kalisti strongly believes in service to the community at large. She is the co-founder and co-owner of The Chateau of Shadows, the nations largest BDSM bed and breakfast, Dungeon, and alternative lifestyles community center. As a Domme, she is sadistic with a taste for blood play, intense whipping scenes, and fire play. She is a dynamic, high energy individual both in and out of the dungeon. Kalisti has a true leather heart, and is proud to be the Treasurer and Secretary for the Rose Rock girls of Leather. When she is not working on bettering her community center, she often volunteers for various leather and sex-positive charities and organizations. She is a vibrant individual is who personable, excitable, and enjoyable to be around. Kalisti enjoys connection to other on the community, and sharing her unique viewpoints.


The Spark- electroplay 101

By: Kalisti

A jolt of lightning, a spark of electricity, or a current of intensity- all common phrases used to describe the intense sensation that comes with electro play. During this class we will talk about Neon Wands, Violet Wands, and other electro-play tools. This is an electrifying class that covers tips, tricks, techniques, and toys that can be used to light up your scene! Have you ever felt the kiss of a neon wand before? Experience this electrical thrill for the first time during our class! The results may be shocking!


Spank-etcetra: Mixed Medium Impact Play

By: Kalisti

Join us for a fun and interactive class regarding mixed medium impact play. During this class we will discuss several basic spanking techniques along with how to combine spanking with various other impact play toys. We will teach you to layer sensations to create a very dynamic scene that will tease, torture, and entice your bottom. We will be discussing various sensations that can be created within an impact scene. This class will conclude with a playful mixed medium impact scene demonstrating the techniques and toys discussed during the class. Please be sure to bring along your favorite impact toy to show the group! 



Abouts: Master Kelly Master Kelly & slave carlene

Master Kelly Master Kelly has been a member of the Sacramento Leather community for the past 20 years. He started his lifestyle journey as a submissive in Bay Area and after being mentored by various Masters in the local scene he embraced his Dominant personality and entered into numerous D/s relationships with varying results. Although not all the relationships were successful, through trial and error he has benefited from each experience. Master Kelly currently lives in the Sacramento area with his wife and slave, carlene. He is a member of MAsT Sacramento and a director of MAsT Stockton. Other group affiliations include the Portland Leather Alliance and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. After running for Northwest Master and slave in 2014 and missing the title he and slave carlene have focused on education and community support.


About: Slave carlene

Slave carlene is proud and honored to be married to her Master and best friend, Kelly. She has been active in the Bay Area and Sacramento BDSM leather lifestyle for over 15 years, and played privately for several years before that. She accepted Master Kelly’s collar in 2004 and moved to Sacramento to live with him in 2005 where together they run the community event space, The Destination. Slave carlene is a member of MAsT Sacramento, MAsT Stockton, Portland Leather Alliance, Exiles, and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. She has presented classes on submission, self-esteem, and other related topics at their event space in Sacramento and co-moderated MAsT Sacramento meetings with her Master.


Anatomy of a Public Scene

By: Master Kelly and slave carlene

This class takes the audience from the first thoughts of playing with a partner, through negotiation, setting up the scene, and aftercare. It covers dungeon etiquette, scene extricate and expectations for both the Top and bottom.


The Art of Impact Play- Sensual to Sadistic

By: Master Kelly and slave carlene

This class is an education in the types of paddles, canes and hands used in impact play. I covers the materials they are made of and their uses as sensation toys to methods of extreme torture and implements of sadism. It is a great class for both the beginner and those familiar with their use. 



Reggie 5

About: Reggie Alexander

Reggie Alexander and his poly family have been in the leather lifestyle since 2006. Through their company, Poly’s Pleasures, they have traveled the country attending lifestyle events selling their chainmail jewelry and clothing. They can often be found presenting classes on a wide range of topic including business, writing, and polyamorous and power exchange lifestyles, to name a few. They are also published authors of BDSM, polyamorous and power exchange romance novels.


Finger Paints Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore

By: Reggie Alexander and Family

Body art is a fun but seldom discussed form of play. We will show a number of different ways to turn your play partner into a walking piece of art. We will discuss the ins and outs of various ways to let that creative side out on the skin of your bottom. We will discuss how to use markers, temporary tattoos, latex Paint, Gau Shaw, scratching, wax and so much more for that sensual experience they just won’t forget.


Ouch, do it again! – Rough Body Play

By: Reggie Alexander and Family

Would you like to know some ways to make your partners fantasies of rough body play come to life. Then join us as we take an exploratory journey into the world of impact play, nerve point manipulation, take downs, face slapping and some good old fashion role playing. Great for any experience level and all it takes is an imagination and a willingness to explore.



Ms Rhonda and tomo


About: Ms Rhonda and tomo [joint bio]

Ms Rhonda is the Owner and Master of tomo and they are proud to be Northwest Master and slave 2015. Members of the Leather Community for a combined total of nearly 50 years, Ms Rhonda and tomo have each presented classes and served as judges at both local and national events and were producers of International Ms Leather / International Ms Bootblack Contest Weekend. They are members of MAsT: Sacramento, MAsT: San Francisco, and The Exiles. Each proud to be a member of Mama’s family, Ms Rhonda is Mama’s Femme Master and tomo is Mama’s Samurai.

Ms Rhonda is the 2015 Northwest Regional Representative for MAsT International and is Co-Director of MAsT: Sacramento. She is the founder of KinkED Productions, which provides educational events for the Northern California leather community.

tomo has been teaching Japanese Martial Arts for over 30 years and as a slave, has been deeply affected by this culture. Her leather roots are in the New York and South Texas communities where she was a founding member of the Dyke Uniform Corps. tomo was awarded the 2013 Pantheon of Leather President's Award.


I'm too damn old to be a …

By: Ms. Rhonda and tom

Aging is an inevitable part of life, no matter how we try to avoid it. In the leather community, both Top and bottom must face this issue from physical, mental, and emotional perspectives. In this class we will examine the challenges that face us as we mature, such as cognitive struggle, physical limitations, and chronic pain. Ms Rhonda and tomo believe that with honest self-assessment and communication, adaptations can be found for continued joy and success in BDSM and power exchange relationships throughout our entire life. Join us as we discuss common issues and propose solutions applicable to both sides of power exchange and BDSM relationships.


A slave is a slave is a slave…

By: Ms. Rhonda and tomo

In our community, we are often faced with the challenge of limited language. The dictionary does not cover our interpretation or application of the words Master or slave. Dominant and submissive are not nouns as we use them. In this class we will look at the various words we can use for the person that represents slave as well as how these words may fit associated responsibilities, skill set, and personalities in the Master/slave dynamic. In opening our minds, a new use for words may be found that feels like a more purposeful and appropriate fit in each of our unique Master/slave dynamics. 



Howard beauty


 About: Howard

Howard hails from the Monterey Bay Area. Viewing a healthy and experimental sexuality as fundamentally healing to individuals and to society, Howard honors the potential that kinky sex has to transform our world. Howard has presented for smOdyssey and Kink Unlimited. Kink, sexuality, and alternative sexual practices in their myriad of forms are integral to his being.

About: beauty

beauty entered the BDSM community in the LA area in 1978, where she built her foundation, discovered her bisexual and polyamorous nature, and began to make a place for herself in the BDSM world. She relocated to the Bay area in 1996. beauty was a member of The Scenery and Edges, co-founded a women’s BDSM group in Santa Cruz, and maintained an active set of poly relationships lasting more than 10 years. Since 2000 beauty has presented on topics ranging from DIY toy making, to hands-on fisting, and communication for smOdyssey, Kink Unlimited, Planned Parenthood and Cabrillo College.


Breaking Down Taboos Around Breaking Up

By: Howard and Beauty

As alternative sexual communities, the BDSM and Poly worlds have a plethora of "rules" or guidelines for relationships. These "best practices," while not necessarily universal, give us a place to start when building our intimate relationships and intimate networks. However, these rules too often fail us is in breaking up, and dissolving those relationships. Come join the discussion about how our communities can better support their members through these often painful, potentially growth-enabling, but ultimately unavoidable passages. Howard and beauty, who went through their own breakup in 2012, lead this discussion aimed at breaking down the taboos around breaking up.



Tom Foolery

About: TomFoolery

TomFoolery started doing erotic rope bondage 14 years ago. Since then it has become an integral part of who he is. It is sexual and also a spiritual practice for him and serves as a creative and artistic outlet. He is a photographer, capturing his own rope work and other erotic images. He enjoys doing rope bondage and suspensions in quiet indoor settings, noisy nightclubs, at burning man, outdoors in the woods or off of bridges.

His style is fusion bondage. It mixes traditional Shibari with Western and Celtic influences. It is both highly decorative and functional. His suspension work is dynamic, featuring spinning and swinging.

His photographs have been featured at Cannibal Flower Shows in LA, the San Francisco Erotic Art Exhibition, Seattle Erotic Art Festival, and Fanfare-LA Exhibition. He teaches regularly at Kink.com’s Armory Studio Series, he has given workshops at The North West Leather Celebration, Dark Odyssey, Kinkfest in Portland, BondCon and other events.


About: Hexxus

Hexxus (https://www.facebook.com/HexxusssuxxeH) has been a member of the Bay Area rope scene for around five years and specializes in fetish and BDSM themed modeling. In addition to modeling, she has taught workshops in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and at Burning Man. When it comes to being a rope bunny she likes to fly, spin, and swing the most, but also enjoys good floor work. She is fairly new as a rope rigger but enjoys tying ties that are clean and symmetrical while leaving all the important parts easily accessible.


Organic Rope Bondage for Restraint

Moving away from rigid form, this workshop covers how to create tight fitting ties around someone who is laying down. Tying in this way helps create a connection with the rope bottom. The calming effect of rope is highlighted. The rope is tied using specific techniques that will be covered in detail. We will also discuss flow and movement with rope during the rope scene that is created. This class will show you how to use your imagination and move and tie in the manner you choose. The end result will be a snug fitting, visually pleasing that is comfortable yet restrictive for the rope bottom.


Modified Futomomo

The Futomomo is a leg tie used for suspension. It is a traditional japanese tie. It can put a lot of pressure on sensitive nerves and should be used with great care. This workshop covers a modified version that distributes the pressure and has a distinctive appearance.


Highly Functional Decorative Bondage

This workshop will show how to create very elaborate decorative ties that can be used for bearing body weight. This is not a suspension class, but the ties will be functional and safe for partial and possibly full suspension. Ties will also focus on restraint, with an eye toward aesthetics. Influences for the ties will include shibari, celtic and fusion. A number of ‘atomic’ techniques will be taught and various ways they can be used will be illustrated.


Decorative Chest Harnesses

Chest harnesses can be visually interesting and feel great. This workshop covers several unique and functional decorative chest harnesses. We will also cover techniques to improvise and create your own ties or add to an existing tie easily. The styles used will be a fusion of japanese, celtic and contemporary rope technique. Time will also be spent on how to finish ties so they look clean and tidy.


Structured Ties for Rope Suspension

This is a class for very experienced rope riggers who want to learn additional techniques for rope suspension. The workshop will go through several different types of suspension ties, including side and inversion. Each participant will have the opportunity to fully rig their rope bottom. Providing there are enough hard points available, we will do as many actual suspensions as possible. We will cover safety, choice of rope and equipment. Various techniques for lifting bottoms will be discussed. We will review physiology and rope placement.


Restraint for Sex – The Hog Tie

To start we'll have a quick demo. Then as an introduction to rope we will cover safety and some basic BDSM principles. We'll start off with very easy to learn wrist and limb ties. Then we'll focus on how these ties can be used creatively to build a scene. After some practice, we'll move on to a basic chest tie, which is both decorative and functional. Throughout we'll talk about rope selection, do's and don’ts, and other relevant topics. Finally we'll use the above techniques to do a hog tie. There will be plenty of time to practice and also one-on-one help to make sure everyone leaves with things they can do themselves.


Applying Knots to Rope Bondage

Most common rope bondage ties can be done with using only a half hitch and an overhand knot. This intermediate workshop will show how a variety of new and different knots can be used to create unusual fusion style ties for decorative and restrictive uses. Also knots for making loops and attaching to objects like poles and anchors will be covered. Attention will be given to how the knots are efficiently tied. This workshop will cover safety issues and how to use rope to create an effective scene.


Guerilla Suspension Bondage and Photography

Taking rope bondage and suspension rigging out of the dungeon and into the field and getting pictures is a challenging and rewarding activity. In this workshop we will cover the specifics of doing rope work outdoors and in various unusual settings. This workshop will mix hands-on techniques, discussion of how to go about guerilla bondage.

The workshop will cover how to scout and select locations. We will discuss equipment for rigging and photography. Techniques and suggestions for rigging and photography will be covered. The topic of safety will also be thoroughly discussed.   



Robert 9119

About: Master Robert


Master Robert has been active in the kink scene since 1999. Deeply interested in sensual power exchange, he has continued to research the fundamentals of whip design, construction, throwing and use in play since throwing his first whip in 2004. He has served as moderator for smOdyssey’s “D/S in the Middle” discussion group since 2009 and volunteers as a DM at Bay Area events and conferences. He is head DM at South Bay Spot. Master Robert has presented classes both locally and internationally on whips, sensual play and power exchange, believing in the value of teaching through active participation.


Great Whip Scenes in Small Spaces

By: Master Robert


Of all impact play, whip scenes require the most space/distance. Minimizing that ‘distance’ for a memorable scene, that ‘dance’ of top and bottom, is the focus of this class. The whip is an intimate communicator of sensation and seduction. This class blends information, Q&A plus one-on-one instruction for tops and bottoms to use in your next scene! Master Robert will address adjusting to small spaces, whip types, lengths and selection, the making and tailoring of crackers, safety and health, and mindful bottoming. Participants are encouraged to bring 3-4ft whips (loaners available.) hats, eyeglasses or safety glasses, and of course, their enthusiasm and questions! 



DaveL  MsGin 

About: MsGin

Active in the Bay Area Kink Community for many years, MsGin has presented for FolsomFringe, smOdyssey, Kink Unlimited, NWLC, Paradise Unbound, Dark Odyssey and KinkFest. She is currently co-host of the weekly Wet Munch at Renegades Bar in San Jose. MsGin enjoys a wide variety of play and takes pleasure in sharing her knowledge and experience through educational classes and demonstrations. She is particularly fond of needle play, hooks, fire cupping and ropes. MsGin is fascinated by the psychology behind domination and submission and finds it to be the art and beauty of BDSM.


About: DaveL

As a dynamic member of the Bay Area community, DaveL was one of the original board members of smOdyssey, Inc. He also served as their webmaster for several years. DaveL was the FolsomFringe Event Coordinator for 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2008, and he also volunteered for the event serving as an instructor, registration guru, and audio-visual geek. DaveL has volunteered his skills and presentations to many leather organizations and events including Santa Clara County Leather Association, NWLC, IMsL, Paradise Unbound, Dark Odyssey and KinkFest. He currently hosts a monthly Cigars and Boots social in the South Bay. When you hear laughing in a local dungeon, you will most likely find DaveL in the middle. Humor is intrinsic to his love of BDSM.


Let's Get Hooked

By: MsGin and DaveL

Very few things epitomize edge play as much as flesh hooks. They are seen as sadistic, intense, and often times spiritual. In this class we will be discussing the composition and the process of "throwing" hooks, safety when using hooks, and how they might be used in a scene. We will also have a live flesh hook demonstration.


Fighting for Fun and Prizes

By: MsGin and DaveL

We often play in a world of bondage and D/s in which we tell the bottom where to stand or what to do, and we often bind them to keep them in place. But sometimes we want them to fight back. Sometimes we want to do it in a playful way and sometimes the fight stems from fear and anger. This class will discuss how to setup and negotiate a resistance play scene as well as how to deal with an impromptu scene. We will discuss how to have a playful scene and keep it playful, and how to how to handle an "involuntary" resistance play scene. In addition we will cover some of the dangers of resistance play, medical aspects to watch out for, how to do you do aftercare, and other types of scenes you can combine with resistance play. Please feel free to bring questions and your sense of fight. 



About Laminae forthcoming

Take your Breath Away: Breath Play 101

By: Laminae

This class will leave you breathless! Join us for Breath Play 101- the art of taking someone’s breath away safely. We will first discuss and review the safety mechanisms for breath play, and the basic anatomy of the throat, neck, nose, and mouth. We will cover how to properly restrict someone’s breath versus the warning signs to look out for. We will demonstrate and teach several methods of breath-restriction, from triangle holds to nose pinching. You'll learn about re-breathing and how to calculate how much air is remaining. Loaded with information, this class comes with a hand-out covering anatomy and quick FAQ to take away.


Just a Touch: Pressure Points for Pain and Pleasure

By: Laminae

Imagine taking your bottom into the depths of pain, only to take them soaring in pleasure just a few moments later. Now imagine doing so with nothing but your fingertips. That is exactly what you will learn to do in this pressure points 101 class. We will discuss and demonstrate various pressure points that can be used within play to enhance your scene, and bring your bottom the uniquely electric pain that comes from pressure points. Then we will travel into the sensual and sexual side of pressure points, covering the finer points that can be used to bring your partner to toe-curling moans. This is a hands-on class that everyone will benefit from attending.